Kia EV9

Battery electric mid-size crossover SUV

Motor vehicle
  • Rear-motor, rear-wheel-drive
  • Dual-motor, all-wheel-drive[3]
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • Hyundai Ioniq 6
  • Kia EV6
  • Genesis GV60
PowertrainBattery76.1 kWh lithium-ion (Standard)[4]
99.8 kWh lithium-ion (Long Range)[4]RangeUp to 541 km (336 mi)[5] (WLTP)Plug-in charging240 kW, 800 V DC
11 kW AC
V2L: 3.68 kWDimensionsWheelbase3,100 mm (122.0 in)[6]Length5,010–5,015 mm (197.2–197.4 in)[6]Width1,980 mm (78.0 in)[6]Height1,755–1,780 mm (69.1–70.1 in)[6]Curb weight2,405–2,664 kg (5,302–5,873 lb)

The Kia EV9 is an all-electric mid-size crossover SUV produced by Kia. It is the second Kia model developed on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). It is also the second model in the manufacturer's "EV" electric car range after the EV6.

On 14 March 2023, Kia officially unveiled the production version of the EV9, featuring a similar design to the concept, as well as second-row seats that rotate 180 degrees.[7][8]

It won the 2024 Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show.[9]



The EV9 was first unveiled as the Kia EV9 Concept at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show,[10][11] featuring 3 rows of seats.[12] The concept car features an interior that can transform into a meeting room.[10] The Kia EV9 offers two battery options: a 76-kilowatt-hour battery or a 100-kilowatt-hour battery. The real-world range is estimated to be around 400 kilometers (250 miles) for the smaller battery and 500 kilometers (310 miles) for the larger battery.[13]


Kia unveiled the silhouette of the production EV9 via an internet teaser on 3 March 2023.[14][15] The EV9 was officially presented on 14 March,[16] with production set to begin in Gwangmyeong, South Korea in the first half of the same year.[17]


The production version retains many design elements from the original EV9 concept, which was first shown in November 2021.[18]

Kia said that it is "formed from a polygonal design language" that uses "triangular fender structures and highly pronounced geometric wheel arches that combine with the fuselage body." Kia also says the EV9 is very aerodynamic, although it has many lines and edges.[18]

  • Rear view
    Rear view
  • EV9 GT Line
    EV9 GT Line
  • Interior
  • Charging Port
    Charging Port


Battery Layout Power Torque 0–100 km/h
(0–62 mph)
Top speed
76.1 kWh
(Standard Range)
RWD 160 kW (218 PS; 215 hp) 350 N⋅m (258 lbf⋅ft) 8.2 s 185 km/h (115 mph)
99.8 kWh
(Long Range)
RWD 150 kW (204 PS; 201 hp) at 4,200–8,200 rpm 350 N⋅m (258 lbf⋅ft) at 0–4,000 rpm 9.4 s
AWD 283 kW (385 PS; 380 hp) at 4,000–7,800 rpm[20] 600 N⋅m (443 lbf⋅ft) at 0–3,800 rpm[21] 5.3 s[22] 200 km/h (124 mph)


The Kia EV9 achieved the maximum rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP tests.[23]

Awards and distinctions

  • Family Car of the Year

In November 2023, Kia EV9 was selected as the 'Family Car of the Year' by Top Gear.[24][25]

  • Driving Electric Car of the Year 2024

Later in December 2023, Kia EV9 was chosen as the 'DrivingElectric Car' of the Year 2024.[26] It also won the 'German Luxury Car' of the Year 2024.[27][28]

  • 2024 10 Best Trucks and SUVs Award by Car and Driver

It also won a 2024 10Best Trucks and SUVs Award by Car and Driver.[29]

  • 2024 North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year (NACTOY) Awards

In 2024, it won the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year at the 2024 North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year (NACTOY) Awards.[30]

  • Best Electric 7-Seater at the at 2024 What Car? Awards

Kia EV9 also won the title "Best Electric 7-Seater" at the at 2024 What Car? Awards.[31][32]

  • 2024 World Car of the Year

It won the 2024 Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show.[9]


Calendar year South Korea[33] United States[34] Europe[33]
2023 8,052 1,118 2,856


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